When it comes to the beauty industry, there are those brands who prefer to remain ‘commercially viable’ (yawn) and the very small minority who choose to think out of the box. Being wildly creative with beauty and pushing the limits is not always kind to the profit margin. But there ARE those few who dare to take a risk, and Ciate is one of those! 

Created by Charlotte Knight, a celebrity session nail stylist, Ciate is all about artistry, trends, innovation and being extraordinary. And you can’t get more extraordinary than having tiny coloured beads stuck onto your nail varnish!!! 

When I first heard about the caviar mani I was intrigued. Tiny little balls (aka ‘caviar beads’) stuck onto the nails? How did they do it? Were they painstakingly glued on one by one? Or was it like ‘stick on’ nail art? How did the ‘caviar’ stay there? I was to find out soon enough as I was invited to try this Cosmo Beauty Award-winning treatment!

I was invited by Sisters for their Pink Days event


Pink Days cupcake – yum!

The process started with me choosing my preferred colour at Sisters Beauty Lounge (from black, white or rainbow – I chose rainbow for Breast Cancer support). The nail technician then proceeded to do the full mani works…buff, scrub, cuticle clipping, massage, and then the basic manicure paint in the most gorgeous pale baby pink Ciate shade (Love this shade so much will go for a basic mani soon with just this colour!!!).


Now comes the interesting part. While the second coat is still wet, the therapist pours the bottle of teeny tiny ‘caviar’ balls directly onto the wet nail. This is done over a plastic petri dish which catches the balls that do not fall directly onto the nail so they can be re-used. They stick to the varnish, and then are lightly pressed deeper into the colour with the therapists fingers and the cuticle stick.

This process is repeated for each nail. The nails are left to dry and voila! You have a caviar mani! It’s actually very simple but looks very striking, and I would definitely recommend the caviar for a special event (New Year’s party, anyone?). The mani only lasts about 2-3 days as the balls start to fall off because you wash your hands, swim etc. Love the effect, it’s something very different! I do however have to mention that it seems to be more of a girl thing, as most of the guys I know didn’t like it very much – but all the girls I know thought it was very cool. I think maybe the black Ciate caviar nail would be more sexy and thus more appealing for the guys :-) 


Kudos to Ciate for its innovation! I will definitely be trying its new Velvet Manicure soon too. I hope you will too. :-)


Sisters Beauty Lounge Mall of the Emirates, Ground Level, Fashion Dome 04 379 2992


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